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One-on-One Recovery and Mobility Session

Relieve tension with an upper body, lower body, or whole body care session. 

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Stretching + Cupping = Recovery

Improve your mobility, relax the muscle, improve skin health, and calm the system with a Body Care Session

 Try the rapid relief of stretching + cupping today. 

Our unique combination of massage gun work, cupping, and stretching was developed from over a decade working with active adults and athletes.   Your tune up will reset critical areas of tightness and pain that are slowing you down from feeling your best

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 Why Body Care?

Tight muscles may be from a pain problem, overuse, or posture issues. This leads to reduced oxygen, inflammation, poor activation and pain.  The unique combination of treatments in a body care sessions are specifically designed to address these issues and help you feel your best. 

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First Time? 

 To get started you can register and schedule your appointment by clicking the button below.  A member from our care team will then reach out to address any questions you may have before your first session.  When you arrive,  you will talk with your body care specialist about any specific needs before going through our quick 4 point mobility assessment.  For your first session you can select from an upper body, lower body or whole body care session. 

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