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At PHYT For Function we believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow their career exponentially and treat clients the way they envisioned it when they started as a therapist.  Not that it's easy to do. In fact, it's hard.  It's a lot of work, but if you put in the effort the results will be there. We want to help quality PT's improve delivery of self pay, 1:1 , care that enhances their own lives as well as the lives of their clients. 

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PT's are you ready to enter self pay practice.

We are always looking for high quality therapists to join the team.

Step 1. 

Values.  The most important part of our success together would be that we share similar core beliefs. If we are on the same page there the rest will be successful.  Check out the website and if what you are seeing resonates with you then let's set up a virtual meeting. 

Step 2.

Onboarding.  We have now opened 5 locations. We have made plenty of mistakes and leaned many lessons, but we've grown from it.  Our onboarding process now has three sections.  Skills. Relationships. and Business.  All of our therapists must have ability to do dry needling, cupping, and other manual therapy techniques as baseline prerequisite's. We can help you with that if you don't currently have that training (this is the easiest thing on the list). Next we will go through our relationships and business modules online to help you gain the knowledge to acquire and keep long term clients.  

Step 3.

Take Off.  Here is where we have some variability.  Our preferred launch is a progression towards location ownership. You start PRN at one of our established locations to learn the ropes and if you have the desire to do so eventually progress to running and opening your own PHYT location. 

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Email Nick at [email protected] (or click the button below).  If you are a manager, coach or marketing specialist we would also love to chat. 

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