Regular hands on therapy to keep your nervous system and immune system operating smoothly

Benefits of PHYT For Function. 

There are many reasons people find themselves at PHYT For Function. For some they have been to many other rehab professionals and are looking for an in depth personalized approach to assessing their complex pain problem, for others they are looking to manage long term chronic pain, and for some it is about feeling good and optimizing for sports performance. No matter where you find yourself in your health and movement journey the benefits of regular hands on therapy are immense. 

Painful Conditions We Commonly Treat. 

Are you tired of chasing and masking pain? 

What our community is saying about us. 


By far the best PT in Cleveland. No one else comes close to their level of care.


I am so grateful to have found the Phyt For Function team. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I’ve been under their care.


I am grateful for pain relief and help with migraines and neck pain with the latest manual therapy



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