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Products We Recommend. 

Hyperice Vibration Massage Tools

We are a Hyperice Retail Provider and carry a selection of Hyperice Tech for sale in office locations.

Home Exercise Products

Products that we use in clinic for our physical therapy exercises.

Nutrition Supplements.

Often Recommended after tendon or muscle tissue injuries. For specific nutrition advise please visit.

Nick's Favorite Shoes

I was on the search for a zero drop dress show option. These are now my dress, casual, and athletic shoe of choice.

Lem's Shoes 

My wife and I have been wearing Lem's brand shoes for over 4 years.  All of their shoes offer a natural wider toe box, zero to no heel to toe drop, and so far have been amazingly comfortable.   I have their primal 2, nine2five, and drifter.  I have tried many minimalist style shoes over the years and these are by far my favorite.  I would highly recommend any of them for a more natural foot position. 

Visit Lem's Shoes.

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