Helpful Physical Therapy Products.

Here you will find links to some of the products we think you will find most useful for your fitness and movement needs.



There are several different self massage tools out there. This one will fit the job for most people. Quiet, ample power (not as much as the Theragun), and multiple attachment heads for results. We like it.


Another Massage tool. This one has a lot more oomph behind it with less of the vibration feel. It is a bit louder and a little more expensive.

Cupping Set

This is the cupping set we use in clinic. We recommend this 24 piece set as it comes with curved cups for working on angled areas that can be difficult with regular cups. We recommend a consult prior to using cups at home.

Foam Roller

We are big fans of foam rolling. I don’t feel we are really separating the fascia that some will describe, but for stimulating the nervous system and generating blood flow to an area a foam roller will certainly do the trick for a very low price. Stay simple here.

Massage Balls

Any type of lacrosse ball will do. These RAD balls are slightly softer than a lacrosse ball making it more comfortable at times. The green is about the size of a lacrosse ball, while the blue and black smaller sizes are nice for feet and even the face or jaw at times.

Resistance Bands

We use these things for everything. They are very nice to have at home for self stretching, home Mulligan techniques, and strength training.


Thin resistance band for light strengthening and return to activity training. Super versatile, you can pack it with you anywhere and always useful.

Wet-Pruf Tape

This tape is used to re-enforce manual therapy techniques done in clinic. This is a stable tape, not a stretchy KT tape.

PHYT T-Shirt

Support us with a PHYT T-Shirt. Soft cotton/synthetic mix that is light, fits loose, and super comfortable. Men’s and Women’s sizes available. Sizes are accurate to a normal t-shirt.

Get one here.