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Our expert PHYT Clinicians will help you solve joint, nerve, and muscular pain fast. 

We provide 1:1, hands on, non pharmacological solutions for active adults with pain that limits their ability to exercise or work comfortably. 

What We Do?

We help active adults in Northeast, Ohio quickly resolve their pain.    1:1 Treatment may include: Dry Needling, Cupping, Instrument Assisted Massage, and Other Manual Therapy and Corrective Exercises.

Neck and Back Pain 

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Knee and Shoulder Pain

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Body Work For Recovery 

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Auto-Immune and Chronic Pain

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We Will:

  • Try to understand the root of your problem
  • Work diligently to help you find a solution.
  • Provide 1:1 hands on care at every session. 
  • Guarantee your satisfaction

We will not: 

  • Leave you unattended 
  • Repeat the same treatment that's not working over and over. 
  • Give you a list of random exercises. 



"You begin your appointment perhaps feeling a little nervous, but before you leave, you'll feel like you've made a new friend-- who helps your pain! "

~5 star google review

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Locations in Cleveland, Beachwood, Hudson, Mentor, and Fairview Park, Ohio.

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Videos on how to use common mobility tools, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, nutrition, and more. 

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