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With the PHYT System we want to teach you the tools to transition from pain relief to performance.  Check out our YouTube Page to see what we do!

Tired of Chasing Your Pain?

Understand why the pain is there. The PHYT system allows us to analyze, treat, and retrain for the future.

Is the PHYT System right for you?

6 Week Reset .

The PHYT 6 week reset teaches you to move and feel better. We take you through the PHYT system with Analysis, Manual Therapy, and guided exercise program.

PHYT for Function LLC. .

Physical Therapy and Functional Training in Hudson, Ohio

Physical Therapy and Functional Training

in Hudson, OH.

What do you Want to Be PHYT For?

At PHYT For Function LLC. our priority is understanding your needs and improving your ability to do the activities you love.

Analyze, ReBoot, ReStore, ReLoad

Get Your Body Ready For Anything!

You Deserve One on One Time With Your Health Care Provider

No Referral Needed.

No hidden or unexpected charges.

Forget your high deductible.

Utilize you HSA/FSA spending accounts!

Get more than a “Just Don’t Do it” Recommendation.

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Learn More About Your Aches and Pains.

Learn more about your pain and how we help with Physical Therapy at PHYT!

Dizziness Vertigo Concussion
Integrative Dry Needling
Migraines Head Aches Jaw Pain
Muscle and Joint Pain
Sport and Running Performance