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Our therapists will help you solve joint, nerve, and muscular pain. 

Live pain free so you can do the things you love. 
Our Process

What We Do?

Our expert therapists are here to help active adults in Northeast, Ohio resolve injuries and chronic pain conditions.    Treatment may include  Dry Needling, Cupping, Instrument Assisted Massage, and Other Manual Therapy and Corrective Exercises.

We Will:

  • Try to understand the root of your problem
  • Work diligently to help you find a solution.
  • Provide 1:1 hands on care at every session. 
  • Guarantee your satisfaction

We will not: 

  • Leave you unattended 
  • Repeat the same treatment that's not working over and over. 
  • Give you a list of random exercises. 



"You begin your appointment perhaps feeling a little nervous, but before you leave, you'll feel like you've made a new friend-- who helps your pain! "

~5 star google review

We Provide

Resources to get you out of pain quickly.

How do you really know if something is going to work for you? 
Hands on assessment and treatment for quick results. 
Keep your body feeling great.
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Locations in Cleveland, Beachwood, Hudson, Mentor, and Fairview Park, Ohio.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! We are PHYT For Function. Our team of specially trained manual  therapists are passionate about helping people move and feel better. 


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Most Everything Get's Better 

We want to get you there faster and without unnecessary procedures. 

The Benefits

Pain Specific Programs: 


6 Week Punt Plantar Fasciitis Program. 

If you’ve tried the frozen water bottle and it didn’t work, it might be worth trying this.  

 It’s going to cost money and some effort, but you’ll be able to get out of bed without limping.  We guarantee it. 

Learn more!

PHYT For Function Happenings. 

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