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Get out of pain fast and continue the activities you love 

We help active adults in Northeast  Ohio get rid of muscle, joint, or nerve pain with a three-step, hands on process that is simple and convenient for you.

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âś… Reduce Pain

✅ Improve  Mobility 

âś… Improve Confidence

Do you struggle with:

  • Pain that causes you to avoid or alter activities and plans?
  • Tightness and Stiffness that won't go away no matter what you've tried? 
  • Fear of getting hurt with exercise, functional activities, or social outings?
  • Trouble deciding which path is best for you?
Physical Therapists at PHYT For Function

Helping you get back to your favorite activities fast

Full Body Assessment

Our goal is to get you moving comfortably. Pain at one place can often be the result of tightness or weakness somewhere else in the body. We assess the whole body to find the root cause of your current symptoms. 

One-on-One Treatment

Each session is with a licensed provider. Our combination of advanced, hands on therapy, including the option of dry needling, plus personalized guidance is designed to quickly reduce pain without medications or injections.

At Home Support 

Your success doesn’t stop when you leave our office. We want to make sure you have the knowledge and abilities to manage your symptoms, build long term resilience, and take on life without fear of getting hurt. 

Schedule Your Full Body Assessment

What our clients say about us

With a 4.99 average in over 760 internal reviews, and over 120 5 star google reviews across all locations, learn why clients love working PHYT For Function to help manage their pain and improve their quality of life.  

Douglas B.

Best PT Ever! My regular doctor said take some ibuprofen, I said it hurts like hell, Dr. Nick said lets look a little closer and find the root cause. I was skeptical when he was working on my back for chest pain but over the years have learned to trust him. He explained that it was most likely a nerve being compromised and we have to follow it from the spine to the chest to fix the pain. After some dry needling, cupping and mulligan movements there was a little relief but with the movements he sent me home with to keep doing by the next morning it was better and 2 days out it is almost pain free. Don't live in pain. Go to Dr. Nick.

Chelsea T.

I drive 40 minutes to see Jeremy. He is the best! Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I originally saw him for hip and leg pain that I had treated within 4 sessions. And had my first experience with dry needling. Worked wonders for me!
I just went back after still being pain free from my hip issue, thanks to Jeremy, for a 25 minute session for some tight neck muscles and got the same great treatment as I did for my previous issue. Jeremy is also not pushy! He won’t do a treatment for the sake of doing it unless he feels you will benefit from it. Booking online is also very quick and easy to do!

Christine S.

I have been going to Cara @PHYT for a year and I love her. Then I went in for an adjustment with Eric and he was full of knowledge, kind and STRONG! He spent time on addressing all of my concerns. (And I have a lot) I continued to feel great for many days afterwards. I highly recommend making time for self care with these amazing body workers!

How Our Process Works

1: Schedule Full Body Assessment.

  • Convenient Online Scheduling For all locations and therapists at
  • Or text call 216.502.3246 to get started.
  • Free phone consults available if you want to talk with a therapist first. 

2:  Treatment and a Plan

  • At your first visit your therapist will complete your full body assessment and provide treatment.

  • They will also explain what they believe the pain source to be, the root cause of that pain, and a proposed treatment plan to get you feeling your best. 

3: Continue The Activities You Love. 

  • We understand you want to stay active while addressing your pain.  Your Therapist twill work with you to modify workouts and activities only as needed to keep you participating until the pain is resolved.  As well as support your progression to return to full function without pain. 

Schedule Full Body Assessment.

Start with a no cost phone consult. 

If we get to know you we can best figure out how to help.  Talk to a PHYT Clinician to see if we are a good fit to help solve your problem.

Schedule a 15 minute call.

Locations in Cleveland, Beachwood, Hudson, Boardman, and Fairview Park, Ohio.

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Our Philosophy at PHYT For Function...

“At PHYT for Function we know that you want to be someone who can take on life’s activities without hesitation or fear of getting hurt. In order to do that, you need  a plan to get out of pain and build resilience.  

The problem is pain can be tricky and limiting which makes you feel like you can’t do what you want / when you want.   We believe you shouldn't have to change or avoid activities because your getting older or because of pain. 

We understand  and have been there ourselves which is why we work so hard to learn our craft through advanced trainings, so you don’t have to go through the same challenges we have had. 

Here’s how we do it: 

Step 1. A Full Body Assessment.

 Step 2. Professional, Hnds on Treatment and Guidance. 

Step 3. Ongoing Support and Planning.

Schedule a visit today to start taking control. And in the meantime, If you’d like to talk to a clinician first you can schedule a free phone consult.

So you can stop avoiding activities and instead take them on with confidence.

Meet our team

What's Bothering You?

Get back to your favorite activities fast. 

  • Hands on Treatment  to support natural immune and healing responses.

  •  Manual Therapy options of dry needling, cupping, joint mobilization / manipulation, and more.

  • Guided Exercise To Improve Posture, Mobility, Stability. 

  • 100% one on one, private sessions with a Licensed Clinician to solve the root cause of your problem.

  •  Resolve Pain and improve movement without meds, injections, or unnecessary surgery.  

Neck and Back Pain 

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Knee and Shoulder Pain

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Sports and Fitness Recovery 

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Auto-Immune and Chronic Pain

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"You begin your appointment perhaps feeling a little nervous, but before you leave, you'll feel like you've made a new friend-- who helps your pain! "

~5 star google review

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