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Our 3 Step Process.  



We want to narrow down the source of your pain. Our goal during the evaluation is to figure out which nerve is most likely responsible.  A lot like a power line, damage anywhere causes a problem everywhere.  So we will assess common painful areas along that nerves path out of the spine, through entrapment points, to the muscles, fascia, and joints near the pain.  



Pain is a signal from the nerves to the brain requesting a change. We use different manual therapy techniques to normalize the environment around the painful nerve in the body.  This will reduce pain and promote proper healing.    Our Neuro-Release Treatment (NRT) Model was co-created by PHYT For Function Founder, and National Integrative Dry Needling Instructor, Nick Sanders.  Learn more about NRT by clicking here.



Our goal is to see a change during each visit. When you provide the right stimulus things get better quickly.  

Much of the magic happens between visits in how your body responds to the manual therapy treatment.  In most situations you will be given two to three home pain reset movements to continue the process between visits.

On your follow up visit we always reassess for change so we can make adjustments to provide the treatment your body responds best to. 


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Painful Conditions We Commonly Treat. 

Are you tired of chasing and masking pain? 

PHYT for Function Proudly Offers Several Therapies, including:

PHYT for Function Proudly Offers Several Therapies under our NeuroRelease Treatment model including:



Hands-on therapy is our specialty! We use a multitude of hands-on techniques to relax the joints and soft tissue to get things moving properly—and pain free!



Don’t let the name intimidate you—dry needling isn’t painful, and it gets fast results.  Our therapists are experts in this highly effective treatment used to affect those deeper muscles you just can’t touch with hands or foam rolling. Click Here to learn more about dry needling. 



We are experts when it comes to working with you and/or your coaches to keep you training while also building the mobility and strength to get (and stay) out of pain. We can use exercise “resets” and specific loading patterns to help get you back to full speed.



This unique and effective treatment uses vacuum cupping to create suction that acts as a sort of traction massage to increase blood flow and relax muscle tone. Consistent use may help improve blood capillary health, one of the main factors in aging. We know it looks a little crazy, but it feels so good!



Blood Flow Restriction offers faster recovery from severe injuries. It involves restricting the blood to certain body parts while doing exercises to fatigue the muscle. 

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