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Welcome To PHYT For Function Beachwood. Performance Physical Therapy in Beachwood, Ohio.

locations physical therapy in beachwood ohio. Sep 13, 2021

Physical Therapy in Beachwood, Ohio. 

Dr. Jeremy Onion Physical Therapy and Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist welcomes you and takes you on a tour of our Physical Therapy Location in Beachwood. We are located inside InMotion with ATP Evolution


We are inside of InMotion ( 23905 Mercantile Rd. Beachwood, OH. click for google maps) you’ll want to look for their sign at the road.



Then we are in the back of the building on the gym side.  If you could please use the back parking lot and entrance when you pull in.  


When you arrive you are welcome to text from your car to let us know you are here (216-502-3246)

or there is check in station and  waiting area to your right when you enter the building. 


There is a temperature station to your left please check your temperature before each visit. 


 We do request that you wear a mask during your session. We will also be wearing a mask. 


There are locker rooms to change if you need to change into different clothes for your sessions.  Please bring or wear clothes that allow us access to any painful area.  We recommend workout style clothes including shorts and a tank top or loose fitting shirt. 


If you need anything else or have any questions please let us know! 

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