The Support and Tools You Need To Get Out of Back Pain and Take On Life's Activities. 

Our 4 Prong Approach to treating low back pain will help get you out of pain and back in action in as little as 10 weeks. 

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The PHYT Custom Back Program. 

Is For: 

  • Men and Women aged 30-65
  • People with Low Back pain for 6 weeks or more. 
    • * contact for new onset low back pain. 
  • Back Pain with or without symptoms into the hips or legs like sciatica.
    • *  contact if leg symptoms include weakness or change in sensation.


It is NOT For: 

  • People currently rehabilitating a new spine surgery
  • People not wanting to put in the effort to see long term success. 



Will Include: 

  1. No Sweat Initial Phone Consult To Determine Eligibility and Fit. 
  2. 60 min full body, movement to understand the specific causes of your back pain. 
  3. Report of Findings So You Know the Exact Reasoning Behind the Plan. 
  4. 10 hands on treatment sessions To Address your inflammation, mobility, and strength needs. 
  5. Custom Exercise Prescription. 
  6. Online Education Modules To have all the tools to address every component of your symptoms. 
    1. Low Back Anatomy
    2. Pain Science 101
    3. Back pain and inflammation. 
    4. Nutrition and Low Back Pain. 
    5. Exercise and Low Back Pain 

Turn Back the Clock.  Live an Active Life Without Back or Neck Pain. 

Exercise and Play and enjoy life without worrying about your back. 


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