How To Live An Active Life Without Back or Neck Pain In As Little As 12 Weeks

Our Individualized Banish Back Pain Program is designed to assess and treat the 4 most common contributors of back and neck pain.  We want to quickly get you back to exercising without surgery or pain medications. 


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With PHYT For Function You Will ...

  • Assess for the 4 most common causes of persistent back pain.  
  • Get 12 sessions of one on one hands on treatment. 
  • Online Back Pain Nutrition Education Module. 
  • Online Understanding Sleeping patterns with back pain. 
  • 12 week core, back, hip, and ankle strength program that we have used with 100's of clients. 
  • Bonus*** Workout considerations for back pain. 
  • 12 weeks of ongoing support. 
Schedule No Sweat Phone Consult.

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Treat Low Back Pain with Hypervolt. 

Owner Dr. Nick Sanders was featured in the Hyperice Education Center.  Check that out here. 

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