How To Get Rid of a Cerviogenic Headache

Learn how to assess and a quick self treatment option for cervicogenic headache or headaches coming from the neck.  

How we treat Cervicogenic Headaches at PHYT For Function...

  • Headaches daily, weekly, even monthly are not normal. Most are very treatable. 
  • We will evaluate your posture, jaw, and upper neck to try and determine source of the headache. 
  • We utilized advanced manual therapy techniques to relax the joints, muscles, and nerves related to your pain. 
  • We will give you exercise to build strength, correct posture, and address the cause of your headaches. 
  • Imagine what you're going to do with all your free time not dealing with headaches. 
  • We would love to chat with you to see if your headaches are the type that we typically have good success with. We have successful strategies for cervicogenic, tension type, and migraine.
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