Local Businesses We Work With.  

These are all people we trust and have done work with.  Always support local when you can!

We do not get any money or kickbacks from you working with any of these people. It is just a list of good businesses, with similar goals.  In certain situations we have arranged a small discount as a benefit for our members. 

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CrossFit Cadre

Nick's first ever movement seminar and our first ever home was inside CrossFit Cadre.  Great people and a great community!   CrossFit Cadre is the home of PHYT Hudson and Expert Therapists Austen Hutton and Nick Sanders.



CrossFit CLE

CrossFit CLE. Was the second gym Nick worked with back in 2014-2015.  Now home of PHYT CLE with expert therapist Cara Barton.  


Ability To Perform.  

ATP Evolution with owner Ben Rossi and coaches Dan Medves, Joe Craig, Patrick Houlohan, and Sandy Ellis offer personal and small group training.  Nick and Ben met about 5 years ago after multiple direct referrals. They have worked together ever since. ATP and InMotion are the home of PHYT Beachwood with expert therapists Jeremy Onion and Nick Sanders. 



Ctown Fitness West. 

Owner Aaron Clark and his team do an amazing job with CrossFit and personal training offerings for everyone. This is the home of PHYT Fairview Park and expert therapist Cara Barton. 



Biscuit Nutrition 

Our own Cara Barton and Braeden Yacobucci offer custom nutrition / and fitness nutrition coaching.