Is Sitting Bad For You?

What Can You Do About It?


Sitting. Specifically sitting in the same position, for long periods of time is one the things that can be detrimental to your posture, health, and decision making.  Learn the details of sitting and health so you can better learn to avoid the consequential pitfalls. 

  1. Move often
  2. Don't let your body muscles adapt to getting good at sitting. 
  3. If you have to sit, at least change the way you sit. 
  4. After long periods of sitting move your body


For more details watch this free webinar presentation on the effects of sitting and inactivity.  Focus on mental and physical health.  


We have also included a PDF download of a few of our favorite anti-sitting exercises. 

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Has Your Posture and Pain Been Effected By Sitting? 


We have tried to include some basic anti-sitting exercises in the PDF. Nothing is a substitute for getting up and moving. 


Morning may be best. 


Morning Combined with Intermittent breaks throughout the day may be better. 


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