Our systemic approach of investigating how your immune and recovery systems are effecting movement combined with one-on-one attention separates us as a premier health care provider.

We believe fitness should make you a better person, not just run you into the ground.

Exercise should reduce life stress, get you out of pain, improve mood, and counteract the demands of work.

What Makes You Different ?

How long does it take?

Our goal is to evaluate and set a plan for you to correct your pain. Don’t worry we won’t try to sell you a $5,000 package. 

Follow up visits are used to progress manual therapy for inflammatory needs and help you progress the exercise plan.  

Long-term correction of pain is about learning, movement, and lifestyle changes. I want to help you down that road with manual therapy as you need it.

No one person is the same but this is what we see most often:

  • 1-4 Visits for a consult or simple, new onset pain complaints.

  • 4-6 Visits for moderately complicated pain presentations in multiple areas.

  • 6+ Visits for chronic issues that have been present for more than 6 months.

  • Maintenance visit or exercise planning is scheduled as needed after resolution of pain for long term success.

Follow up Visits range from 30 - 60* min

  • 30 min visit – Simple pain complaints in one body area

  • 60 min visit (*Recommended) – More complicated pain presentations, multiple body areas

    • Talk with your provider to discuss which is best for you. The entire PHYT System is designed to be delivered over a 60 min session. Shorter sessions may emphasize more manual therapy or more movement depending on what you need most at that time.

Can I workout after?

Movement is key and will always make you feel better. We like to emphasize relative rest. We will help guide you in a plan that keeps you working out, but in a way that reduces the stress on any injured areas. We are very familiar with the needs of sport, crossfit, yoga, running, etc. and are happy to communicate training adjustments with your coach as needed.

For maintenance visits, we typically recommend nothing over 85% effort on the day of a heavy manual therapy session.

In season, manual therapy sessions are adjusted based on training and competition time frames.

What do i wear?

Manual Therapy is provided in a private room. We recommend loose fitting clothing that allows access to the painful areas. Shorts and a tank top almost always works. You’re encouraged to bring a change of clothes and shoes!

We offer physical therapy and fitness services, some of which may be covered by insurance. We are Out of Network with all insurances. This is a conscious decision that we feel improves our ability to provide a better service without any restrictions. If you’ve been to an insurance-based clinic, you understand what we mean. Unfortunately, those clinics need to see a high volume of clients in order to be successful. This lessens the ability to provide one-on-one care and the patient experience. By being out of network, we are able to see every client, one-on-one, without visit limitations and authorizations. We believe you will find the value of our service to far outweigh the cost.

A recent study examined the cost effectiveness of “cash-based clinicshere. Service payment is due at time of service. You then may select to submit your receipt to your insurance company for out of network reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement is based on the specifics of your plan. We accept all forms of payment including HSA and FSA accounts. Please contact us directly with any specific questions on insurance plans and out of network benefits.