Our systematic 3 step approach of Assessment, Correction, and Enhancement combined with a local, regional and systemic approach of treatment has been developed over years of working with clients of varying levels in both the fitness and rehab worlds. We have spent countless hours and tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars learning our craft. All with the goal and desire to help people get back to what they want to do without medications or surgeries.

Our desire to go above and beyond the “standard” level of care is what makes us different.

What Makes PHYT For Function Different ?

How long does it take?

Everyone is different and so is their treatment plan. We expect some type of change after each visit.

Typically, with new onset type pain we are able to significantly reduce pain in 1-3 visits. More chronic conditions you may expect 4-6 visits.

Getting out of pain is the first step.

Next we want to build the strength and resilience to correct the root problem and enhance your abilities so the pain doesn’t come back. So we typically recommend 6 total sessions for new onset pain and 10 visits for our more chronic conditions. This is where we see the magic happen and allows us to commit to a calculated, plan of care .

Can I workout after?

We always want you to keep moving. Telling someone to just stop doing XYZ is the laziest advice in the industry. Very, very rarely is that necessary.

Movement is key and will always make you feel better. We like to emphasize relative rest. We speak your language. We are comfortable with strength and conditioning, Crossfit, running, yoga, OT, and more. We will communicate with your coach or trainer to help with any necessary short term modifications so you can stay in class.

Most of the manual therapy we do does alter the nervous system feedback loops. We typically recommend nothing over an 85% effort on the day of a heavy manual therapy session.

In season, manual therapy sessions are adjusted accordingly based on training and competition time frames.

What do i wear?

Manual Therapy is provided in a private room. We recommend loose fitting clothing that allows access to the painful areas. Shorts and a tank top almost always work best. You’re encouraged to bring a change of clothes and shoes!

We have some “sweet” paper shorts if you forget your own.

Insurance is so darn complicated and so is this answer. It is not a simple yes or no answer. Give us a call and we will help you sort this out 330-614-7498.