Treatment Science

Everything you do should have a reason behind it and evidence to support its use. Our treatments match our understanding of pain science, inflammation, and movement efficiency.


Dry Needling

Integrative Dry Needling is one of the many hands on techniques we can use only with your request. We love it because it gets results fast. We are experts in dry needling and can use it to get to those deeper muscles and areas you just can’t touch with your hands or a foam roller.



We work with you and/or your coaches to keep you training while we build mobility and strength to get you out of pain. We can use exercise “resets” and specific loading patterns to help get you back to full speed.

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Manual therapy TEchniques

There are times where you just need hands on therapies to get things moving properly. We use a multitude of hands on joint and soft tissue techniques to help relax the system so it can move normally with less pain.

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Vacuum cupping uses suction to create a sort of traction massage to increase blood flow and relax muscle tone. Consistent use may help improve blood capillary health, one of the main factors in aging. We know it looks crazy sometimes, but it feels so good!



Blood Flow Restriction is a fast way to help recover from a severe injury. It involves restricting the blood to a certain area while doing exercises to fatigue the muscle. But why would you want to fatigue the muscle? Click below to find out!