How The System Works

  • Step 1. Schedule an Initial Assessment

  • Step 2. Experience how healthcare should be handled

  • Step 3. Embark on a fitness journey that takes you past what you previously thought possible


Our Mission is to add value to the lives of our clients by reducing their pain and improving the way they move through education, meaningful exercise, and appropriate manual Physical Therapy. 

Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation takes place with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We want to get to know you, what your goals are, and what makes you tick. No gimmicks here. Our goal is to find out what is causing your pain, not just chase it with medication, creams, and modalities. We are aware that you may have already seen other physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. We strive to establish what you’ve learned from those experiences, good or bad, and build on it for a more complete experience.

This first day will be a thorough assessment of your emotional, physical, and movement history. You will receive treatment, information about your results, and a better idea of the steps needed to take action. We often learn the most from the second visit when we see the results of our initial treatment session.


Customized Action Plan

Not everyone meets us at the same place, so we would never expect to treat everyone the same. After your consult, with the guidance of your therapist, you will pick which service is right for you.

  • Manual Therapy

    • If you have an acute injury or chronic pain that is very sensitive, you may require hands-on therapy to help reduce inflammation right away.

  • One-On-One

    • A patient centered experience. One-on-one sessions with either a physical therapist or personal trainer for direct attention of your injury or fitness needs.

  • Semi-Private Group Training

    • One size does not fit all. Build relationships with like-minded people as you work together to meet goals. All while working through your own custom program. Max group size is 4.

  • Online Consults (Ohio Residents Only)

    • Online consults are available to discuss action planning, exercise programming, and troubleshooting from the comfort of your home.

  • Mix-and-Match

    • No contracts, no insurances, no limitations. We can mix and match your program to include a little bit of everything to suit your needs. You may be surprised to find out what style of training you like most.


TAke ACtion

When you are ready, make the choice to commit to feeling better. Make time for yourself. Start the journey to feeling better. We believe in applying a holistic approach to provide tools and education fix yourself after your injury is healed. We strive to meet your needs based on where you are in your health and fitness journey.

I feel so fortunate to have met Nick. I have tremendous confidence in his work as I know him to be a very professional, knowledgeable, gifted therapist who I think of as a wellness magician. I very happily and highly recommend him to friends and family.
— Tawny