Sports Performance and Recovery Training.

Performance Assessment, Movement Evaluation, Personal Training, and Recovery Services.

Physical Therapy, olympic weight lifting, jerk, pain, dry needling

Sports Performance and Recovery

  • Movement Evaluation
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Running Evaluation
  • Olympic Weightlifting Eval
  • Recovery Services
    • Integrative Dry Needling
    • Cupping
    • Manipulation

I came to Nick about 10 days before heading to compete at the Olympic Games. Terrible timing for injury to strike, but I was in good hands with Nick helping me get healthy.
I was very happy with both the manual and needling work that Nick did. He is a very professional and knowledgeable physiotherapist, and I was able to compete healthy in Rio after seeing him. I would recommend Nick to everyone, and I will definitely work with him again when training in Ohio!

Taryn Suttie

Sports Performance Services.

Movement Coaching and technique evaluation services are available to help you optimize your performance level.  We specialize in evaluation of joint position during running and olympic weightlifting movements. We strive to explain the effects of these positions as they relate to performance and injury prevention.

Recovery Services.

If you are going to push your body to the max you need to maximize your bodies ability to recover. Prolonged inflammation can lead to muscle guarding and altered movement patterns.  Using Techniques like Integrative Dry Needling, Manipulation, and Cupping we are able to improve your ability to recover so that you can maximize your training time.

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