Manual Therapy Techniques


We use a multitude of manual therapy techniques to improve your pain and muscle tightness. We are able to use hands-on techniques that help get you out of pain and moving the way you want to.

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Joint Manipulation, “cracking”, is a technique that can be very effective and is well supported by the literature. It feels great and triggers a response in the nerves around the joint that encourages muscles around the joint to relax.


Mulligan Manual Therapy

Using Mobilization with Movement allows us to gently reposition the joint to allow it to move pain free. It is pain-free by definition and can be like magic when correctly applied.


Instrument assisted soft tissue massage

A type of massage where you utilize tools to be able to work on some of the more superficial tissue layers. Very effective on some of the skin or fascial layers and sensory nerves that often feel irritable. It is great in combination with joint work, dry needling, and other manual techniques.