We help active adults and athletes in Hudson and Cleveland, Ohio get out of pain and back into the workouts and sports they miss.


We help find the root cause of your pain, clear it, improve your movement, and then build a plan for long term success. We take pride in helping you get back to the activities you love most without medications, surgery, or unnecessary trips to the doctor.

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Nick is a ROCK STAR! He has treated everyone in my family over the past 4-5 years, including my two children, for a variety of ailments from frozen shoulder to a pulled muscle. Nick takes the time to peel back the layers and find the root cause of the problem. He genuinely cares about fixing the issue and providing advice, feedback and recommendations for exercise/stretching, etc. to prevent a recurrence. I now see Nick before even considering seeing a ortho or specialist. I have learned from past mistakes where I have spent hundreds on x-rays, consultations (only to be told I need surgery), and other unnecessary tests when the best and longest lasting results come from the treatments Nick provides.
— Kim

How it works: Step 1

Assessment :

We assess whole body movement to find the root cause of your pain.


How it works: Step 2


We use hands on treatment to clear the pain and movement blocks so you feel the difference right away.

HOw it Works Step 3


We help you build strength and resilience in your body to be confident you can return to the activities and people you love.

Being injured is never fun. We can help.

Finding a true fix requires commitment. We are committed to helping you find the solution you’ve been looking for.

Let’s do this together!