Links to Helpful Physical Therapy Products

Hey Guys!

I wanted to share links to some of the physical therapy products that I find most helpful with my patients and taking care of myself at home.   This way you can get what you need quickly and conveniently through amazon.  Get the tools you need to take control of your pain, inflammation, and movement dysfunction.

Hope this helps!


Jump Stretch Bands

Growing up in Youngstown I was born and bread with the original Jump Stretch Band.  It is still an invaluable tool that I use daily.  It is one of the most affordable,  multifunctional fitness tools you can buy in my opinion.  It is useful for strength and flexibility training.   I have multiple sizes including the mini, light, and strong.   Buy yourself one or a set of these bands!

Soft Tissue Tools

Foam Rollers

So there are several  different types of foam rollers available.   We have to remember that foam rolling is about increasing blood flow and activation of the nervous system.  There area plenty of fancy rollers available.  If you feel you can get more out of them go for it!  Personally, I prefer simple with the basic OTPT Foam Roller my tool of choice.

Mobility Balls.

You need other tools to get into some of the smaller spaces that you can’t access with a foam roller.  Using a mobility ball will enable you to get into some of those nooks in and around the glutes (superior cluneal sensory nerves), inside of the shin (tibial nerve), posterior shoulder (supra scapular and thoracodorsal nerve) and more.

Lacrosse ball– Simple, cheap, and works!

Softball- Perfect for bigger spaces like the glutes

Yoga Tune Up– These are a scenario where spending a little extra may indeed be worth it.  These have a unique texture that grips the skin which allows some extra impacts on the sensory nerves under the skin and the lymphatics.  They are the right density.  Not quite as dense and hard as a lacrosse ball but not too soft.  I am a fan of this product.


There are several different types of tape available.   Most of the taping that I do is used to re-enforce a mulligan technique.  Most often I am using it with ankle sprains, knee pain and shoulder pain.  This can be recreated at home.  I prefer Leukotape P. for this.  If you have sensitive skin and/or don’t want to shave you will also want to purchase their cover roll.

Ankle Braces

In general I do not recommend braces.  We certainly don’t want to get dependent on braces to move well.  There are times, with an acute injury, that there are good reasons to use a brace.  This brace by ASO is my favorite and one I have used during injury.