Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment


When you’re dizzy its hard to do anything else. Stop avoiding exercises and laying on your back because of your dizziness.

Most forms of dizziness can be treated quickly and effectively. We can help give you the confidence to move and turn without the anxiety that you are going to get dizzy and feel miserable the rest of the day.

If your doctor has ruled out all the major causes dizziness we are here to help figure it out.

Thank you so much Nick Sanders for treating and fixing my vertigo (bppv)…It boggles my mind that you diagnosed my condition properly and fixed it “on the spot”. While on the other hand, my primary physician in the past, put me on hardcore medicine to knock me out and told me there was no known treatment and it would “slowly peter out” over a few weeks.
Vertigo is totally debilitating when I get it and I don’t have a few weeks for it to “peter out”. The times you have treated me, I was back to normal almost immediately. The fact that you fix my symptoms, physically, when they occur is a godsend for me. Maybe more importantly, just knowing that I have someone who CAN fix me alleviates so much of the anxiety of it reoccurring. You have also always answered all my questions while treating me and have educated me on what is happening inside my ear when I have an episode.
Before being referred to you, I was in fear every time I went to sleep that I would wake up spinning. I was fearful of exercising, traveling, and felt tense almost all the time. I’m beyond grateful that you CAN fix me when I have an episode and that you HAVE FIXED ME mentally from an anxiety standpoint. I now have an understanding of what is occurring when I’m symptomatic and I sleep well and live my life free of fear knowing that I can be “fixed” when I need to be and that I AM FIXED from a psychological standpoint.


  • Vertigo, or the symptom of room spinning, must be carefully evaluated and can often be corrected by a physical therapist. * Vertigo can be a serious condition and you should contact a health care professional immediately if you have it. *

    • BPPV, or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, is one of the most common reasons people get vertigo.

      • We test for BPPV with VNG goggles and positional testing such as the Dix-Hallpike and Supine Positional Testing for the presence of loose crystals called otoconia in the inner ear or vestibular system.

    • Dizziness Treatment

      • Often times we can then reposition those crystals in the semicircular canal in your vestibular system. We use researched techniques like the Epley and Gufoni Maneuver to correct BPPV. If you do have BPPV, repositioning will resolve your vertigo symptoms.


  • What do you do when the dizziness and nausea from your concussion doesn’t go away?

  • Often times the same impact that jarred your brain also jar your upper neck. Interestingly, your upper neck can cause similar symptoms, including nausea, dizziness, cloudiness, headache, and fatigue.

  • Physical Therapy can evaluate your neck and if that may be appropriate for care.


  • Like Post Concussive listed above, if you upper neck gets a little stiff or tight, it too can cause dizziness and nausea like symptoms.

  • Dizziness Treatment…Fix the Neck!

    • You need a therapist that has the hands on skills to fix you neck.

  • Get it checked!