Cupping is a technique that can do wonders for your body!

Most of the hands on therapies out there are compressive in nature. Massage, foam rolling, trigger point work all apply direct pressure to tender areas. There are times where compression creates a good hurt that hurts so good and can be beneficial. There are also times where compression feels threatening the muscles and just creates pain without relief. Cupping does the opposite and provides distraction. In this scenario it can feel down right amazing.

Some of the benefits include: decreased swelling, pain relief, tension relief, increased blood flow, decreased muscle tension, and many more.

Physiologically, cupping works to reduce pain by improving blood flow, alter superficial capillaries, improve lymphatic fluid distribution and improving local tissue oxygenation.

The marks.

The marks or cupping circles are a result of capillary breakdown under the skin. The healthier your skin the less it will bruise. As your body repairs those capilarries and improves blood flow to those tissues you are going to feel better. This is one of the mechanisms of how cupping promotes long term well being. Don’t worry if the marks bother you we can do cupping in a way that will provide relief without the cool bruises.