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Such a simple machine with so many benefits. What more do I need to say? Read out BFR newsletter to see how Nick incorporates this into his treatment.

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What exactly is cupping? What are the benefits of it? It may look strange at first, however, cupping is the next thing to improve your pain and other symptoms. It can treat superficially and deep tissues to aid in recovery and manage other conditions! Click the button below to learn more and how to add cupping to your therapy sessions.



Do you ever find yourself in a bad sitting position? I know I do sitting at my computer all day. No one sits in the proper position for a long period of time. We often find ourselves going back into our hold habits. If you want to change that and learn the effects of this on the nervous system, then give this article a read! (It’s a Nick exclusive and one of the first ones he wrote!)



One of the most common complaints that we get is low back pain. One main trigger of back pain is from rotation. Nick and Clint Weigel (owner of Crossfit Saol) have some videos demonstrating how to fix this issue. Click below!